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CD 1: Britten. The Complete Operas. Paul Bunyan 1 Paul Bunyan: Narrator - Pop Wagner (In The Ballad Interludes) The Voice Of Paul Bunyan - James Lawless. Johnny Inkslinger - Dan Dressen (Bookkeeper) Tiny - Elisabeth Comeaux Nelson (Daughter Of Paul Bunyan) Hot Biscuit Slim - Clifton Ware (A Good Cook) Sam Sharkey - Vern Sutton (A Bad Cook) Ben Benny - Merle Fristad (A Bad Cook) Hel Helson - James Bohn (Foreman) Andy Anderson - Phil Jurgenson. Pete Peterson - Tim Dahl. Jen Jenson - Thomas Shaffer. Cross Crosshaulson - Lawrence Weller. John Shears - James Mckeel (A Farmer) Western Union Boy - James Westbrock. Fido - Maria Jette (A Dog) Moppet - Sue Herber (A Cat) Poppet - Jams Hardy (A Cat) Four Cronies Of Hel Helson: Richard Allisonm, Benjamin Allen, Stanford Felix, Jay Ramos. Quartet Of The Defeated (Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass) Chorus Of Old Trees (Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses) Four Young Trees (Two Sopranos, Two Tenors) Three Wild Geese (Soprano, Two Mezzo-Sopranos) Heron, Moon, Wind, Beetle, Squirrel (Spoken Parts) Chorus Of Lumberjacks, Farmers And Frontier Women. Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra Of The Plymouth Music Series. English Chamber Orchestra (Appendix) Philip Brunelle 01. 1. Introduction (Orchestra) 2. Prologue (In The Forest) 02. Since The Birth Of The Earth (Chorus Of Old Trees) 03. No. No. We Do Not Want Life To Be Slow (Four Young Trees, Chorus Of Old Trees) 04. Ooh! Ooh! O How Terrible To Be As Old Fashioned As A Tree (Three Wild Geese) 05. You Are All To Leave Here (Wild Geese, Young Trees, Old Trees) 06. It Isn't Very Often The Conservatives Are Wrong. (Wild Geese) But Once In A While The Odd Thing Happens (Old Trees, Young Trees, Wild Geese) 07. 2a. First Ballad Interlude: The Cold Wind Blew Through The Crooked Thorn (Narrator) Act One Scene 1: A Clearing In The Forest:08. 3. Bunyan's Greeting (Voice Of Paul Banyan) 09. 3a. Call Of Lumberjacks (Lumberjacks) 10. 4. Lumberjacks' Chorus: My Birthplace Was In Sweden (Lumberjacks) 11. 4a. Bunyan's Welcome (Bunyan) 12. 5. Quartet Of Swedes: Swedish Born And Swedish Bred (Four Swedes, Bunyan, Chorus) 13. 6. Western Union Boy's Song: A Telegram From Overseas (Western Union Boy, Chorus, Banyan, Hel, Sam, Ben) 14. 7. Cooks' Duet: Sam For Soups, Ben For Beans (Sam, Ben, Inkslinger, Bunyan) 15. 8. Animal Trio: Ah! Miaou! The Single Creature Lives A Partial Life (Fido, Moppet, Poppet) 16. 8a. Bunyan's Goodnight (I) (Bunyan) 17. 8b. Exit Of Lumberjacks: Down The Line. Timberrr (Lumberjacks) 18. 9. The Blues: Gold In The North Came The Blizzard To Say (Bunyan, Quartet Of The Defeated, Inkslinger) 19. 10. Bunyan's Goodnight (II) (Bunyan) 20. 10a. Second Ballad Interlude: The Spring Came And The Summer And Fall (Narrator) Scene 2: The camp: 21. 11. Food Chorus: Do I Look The Sort Of Fellow (Chorus, Inkslinger, Sam, Ben) 22. 12. Chorus Accusation: There Now Look What You Have Done (Cross, Inkslinger, Jen, Pete, Andy, Chorus) 23. 12a. Slim's Song: In Fair Days And In Foul. I Come From Open Spaces (Slim, Inkslinger, Poppet, Fido, Moppet, Four Swedes) 24. 13. Bunyan's Return: Look, The Chief Is Back (Chorus, Inkslinger, Fido) 25. 14. Inkslinger's Song: It Was Out In The Sticks (Inkslinger) 26. 14a. Entrance Of Chorus (Pete, Andy, Jen, Cross) 27. 15. Tiny's Entrance (Ben, Sam, Cross, Andy, Shears) 28. 15a. Tiny's Song: Ah!. Whether The Sun Shine Upon Children Playing (Tiny, Inkslinger, Chorus, Slim) 29. 16. Inkslinger's Regret: All The Little Brooks Of Love (Inkslinger, Bunyan, Chorus) 30. 17. Bunyan's Goodnight (III) (Bunyan) CD 2: Britten. The Complete Operas. Paul Bunyan 2 Act Two: Scene 1: 01. 18. Bunyan's Good Morning (Bunyan, Chorus) 02. 18a. Shears' Song: It Has Always Been My Dream 03. 18b. Bunyan's Warning (Bunyan) 04. 19. Farmers'Song: The Shanty-Boy Invades The Wood (Shears, Solo II, Farmers) 05. 19a. Farmers' Exit: (Four Cronies Of Hel Helson, Het) 06. 20. The Mocking Of Hel Helson: Heron, Heron Winging By (Hel, Heron, Chorus, Moon, Wind, Beetle, Squirrel, Moppet, Fido) 07. 21. Fido's Sympathy: Won't You Tell Me What's The Matter? (Fido, Hel) 08. 22. Cat's Creed: Let Man The Romantic In Vision Espy (Moppet, Poppet, Bunyan, Cronies, Hel) 09. 23. The Fight: What Is It? What's Happening? (Chorus) 10. 23a. Love Duet: Move, Move From The Trysting Stone (Slim, Tiny, Chorus) 11. 23b. Mock Funeral March: Take Away The Body And Lay It On The Ice (Chorus, Cronies, Helson, Bunyan) 12. 23c. Hymn: O Great Day Of Discovery! (Bunyan, Chorus, Hel, Tiny, Slim) 13. 24. Third Ballad Interlude: So Helson Smiled And Bunyan Smiled (Narrator) Scene 2: 25. The Christmas Party: 14. Rah! Another Slice Of Turkey (Chorus, Fido, Moppet, Poppet) 15. Dear Friends, With Your Leave (Inkslinger, Chorus) 16. Carry Her Over The Water (Tenor I, Tenor II, Baritone, Fido, Moppet, Poppet, Chorus) 17. Where We Are Is Not Very Far (Tiny, Slim, Inkslinger, Chorus, Hel, Shears, Western Union Boy) 18. A Telegram From Hollywood (Western Union Boy, Inkslinger) 19. We Always Knew That One Day You (Chorus, Inkslinger) 20. 26. Bunyan's Farewell (Bunyan) 21. 27. Litany: The Campfire Embers Are Black And Cold (Chorus, Fido, Moppet, Poppet, Tiny, Slim Bunyan, Hel, Inkslinger) Appendix: 22. Overture 23. Inkslinger's Love Song 24. Lullaby Of Dream ShadowsCD 3: Britten. The Complete Operas. Peter Grimes 1 Peter Grimes: Opera In Prologue And Three Acts, Op.33: Peter Grimes - Peter Pears (A Fisherman) Ellen Orford - Claire Watson (A Widow, Schoolmistress Of The Borough) Captain Balstrode - James Pease (A Retired Merchant Skipper) Hobson - David Kelly (The Carrier, Constable Of The Borough) Swallow - Owen Branniqan (A Lawyer, Mayor Of The Borough) Mrs Sedley - Lauris Elms (The Widow Of An East India Company's Factor) Auntie - Jean Watson (The Landlady Of "The Boar")Niece 1 - Marion Studholme Niece 2 - Iris Kells (The Main Attractions Of "The Boar")Bob Boles - Raymond Nilsson (A Methodist Fisherman) The Rector - John Lanigan. Ned Keene - Geraint Evans (The Apothecary) John - Marcus Norman (Grimes's New Apprentice) Orchestra And Chorus Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. Chorus master - Douglas Robinson. Benjamin Britten. Prologue: 01. Peter Grimes! Peter Grimes, We Are Here To Investigate (Hobson, Swallow, Peter) 02. You Sailed Your Boat Around The Coast (Swallow, Peter, Mrs Sedley, Spectators) 03. Peter Grimes, I Here Advise You! (Swallow, Hobson, Peter, Chorus) 04. The Truth. The Pity. And The Truth (Peter, Ellen) 05. Interlude I: On The Beach (Dawn) Act One: Scene 1: 06. Oh! Hang At Open Doors The Net, The Cork . / Come In, Gentlemen, Come In! (Women And Fishermen, Auntie, Boles, Balstrode, Rector, Nieces, Mrs Sedley, Keene, Swallow) 07. Hi! Give Us A Hand! Haul The Boat! . Grimes, You Won't Need Help From Now (Peter, Botes, Balstrode, Keene, Auntie, Hobson) 08. I Have To Go From Pub To Pub, Picking Up Parcels, Standing About (Hobson, Ellen, Keene, Chorus) 09. Let Her Among You Without Fault Cast The First Stone (Ellen, Hobson, Mrs Sedley, Keene) 10. Look, The Storm Cone! (Balstrode, Keene, Boles, Chorus) 11. And Do You Prefer The Storm To Auntie's Parlour And The Rum? (Balstrode, Peter) 12. What Harbour Shelters Peace, Away From Tidal Waves (Peter) 13. Interlude II: The Storm Scene 2: 14. Past Time To Close! (Auntie, Mrs Sedley, Balstrode, Boles, Nieces)15. We Live And Let Live, And Look We Keep Our Hands To Ourselves (Chorus, Balstrode) 16. Have You Heard? The Cliff Is Down By Grimes's Hut (Keene, Auntie, Mrs Sedley, Balstrode, Nieces, Chorus) 17. Now The Great Bear And Pleiades (Peter, Nieces, Boles, Balstrode, Auntie, Chorus) 18. Old Joe Has Gone Fishing (Keene, Auntie, Peter, All) 19. The Bridge Is Down, We Half Swam Over (Hobson, Keene, Ellen, Boles,Auntie, Nieces, Peter) Act Two: 20. Interlude III: Sunday Morning By The Beach. Scene 1: 21. Glitter Of Waves And Glitter Of Sunlight (Ellen, Rector, Chorus) 22. Let This Be A Holiday, Full Of Peace And Quietness (Ellen, Peter, Chorus) 23. This Unrelenting Work, This Grey Unresting Industry, What Aim (Ellen, Peter, Chorus) 24. Fool To Let It Come To This! (Auntie, Keene, Boles, Mrs Sedley, Balstrode) 25. What Is It? - What Do You Suppose? Grimes Is At His Exercise (Chorus, Auntie, Boles, Keene, Swallow, Nieces, Rector, Mrs Sedley, Balstrode) 26. People! . No! I Will Speak! . This Thing Concerns You All (Boles, Balstrode, Rector, Auntie, Ellen, Chorus) CD 4: Britten. The Complete Operas. Peter Grimes 2 01. We Planned That Their Lives Should Have A New Start (Ellen, Rector, Mrs Sedley, Boles, Keene, Swallow, Nieces, Auntie, Balstrode, Hobson, Chorus) 02. Swallow! Shall We Go And See Grimes In His Hut? (Hector, Swallow, Balstrode, Mrs Sedley, Nieces, Keene, Hobson, Boles, Chorus) 03. Now Is Gossip Put On Trial (Mrs Sedley, Boles, Rector, Keene, Swallow, Chorus) 04. From The Gutter, Why Should We Trouble At Their Ribaldries? (Nieces, Auntie, Ellen) 05. Interlude IV (Passacaglia) Scene 2: 06. Go There! Here's Your Sea Boots! (Peter) 07. Now! . Now! . There's An Odd Procession Here (Boles, Rector, Swallow, Keene, & Chorus Off, Peter) 08. Peter Grimes! Nobody Here? (Rector, Swallow) Act Three: 09. Interlude V: Evening Scene 1: 10. Assign Your Prettiness To Me (Swallow, Nieces) 11. Pah! - Ahoy! (Swallow, Keene, Mrs Sedley) 12. Come Along, Doctor! We're Not Wanted Here, We Oldsters. Is The Boat In? (First Burgess, Rector, Mrs Sedley, Ellen, Balstrode, Chorus) 13. Embroidery In Childhood Was A Luxury Of Idleness (Ellen, Balstrode) 14. Mr Swallow! Mr Swallow! (Mrs Sedley, Auntie, Swallow, Hobson) 15. Who Holds Himself Apart, Lets His Pride Rise (Chorus, Swallow, Hobson, Nieces, Mrs Sedley, Boles, Keene) 16. Interlude VI: Fog Scene 2: 17. Grimes! Grimes! (Chorus Off, Peter) 18. Peter, We've Come To Take You Home (Ellen, Peter, Balstrode, Chorus) 19. To Those Who Pass The Borough (Chorus, Swallow, Auntie, Boles) CD 5: Britten. The Complete Operas. The Rape Of Lucretia 1 Male Chorus - Peter Pears. Female Chorus - Heather Harper. Collatinus - John Shirley-Quirk (A Roman General) Junius - Bryan Drake (A Roman General) Tarquinius - Benjamin Luxon (An Etruscan Prince) Lucretia - Janet Baker (Wife Of Collatinus) Bianca - Elizabeth Bainbridge (Lucretia's Old Nurse) Lucia - Jenny Hill (A Maid) English Chamber Orchestra Benjamin Britten. Act Two: Scene 1: 01. Rome Is Now Ruled By The Etruscan Upstart: Tarquinius Superbus (Mole Chorus) 02. It Is An Axiom Among Kings, To Use A Foreign Threat To Hide A Local Evil (Female Chorus, Male Chorus) 03. Here The Thirsty Evening Has Drunk The Wine Of Light (Male Chorus) 04. Who Reaches Heaven First Is The Best Philosopher (Collatinus, Junius, Tarquinius, Male Chorus) 05. Maria Was Unmasked At A Masked Ball (Junius, Tarquinius, Collatinus, Male Chorus) 06. Collatinus Is Politically Astute To Choose A Virtuous Wife (Male Chorus, Junius, Collatinus, Tarquinius) 07. There Goes A Happy Man! (Tarquinius, Junius) 08. Tarquinius Does Not Dare, When Tarquinius Does Not Desire (Male Chorus) 09. My Horsel My Horse!. Tarquinius Does Not Wait For His Servant To Wake (Tarquinius, Mate Chorus) Scene 2: 10. Their Spinning-Wheel Unwinds Dreams Which Desire Has Spun! (Female Chorus, Lucretia, Bianco, Lucia) 11. Listen! I Heard A Knock. How Cruel Men Are To Teach Us Love! (Lucretia, Bianco, Lucia) 12. Time Treads Upon The Hands Of Women (Female Chorus, Lucretia, Bianco, Lucia) 13. The Oatmeal Slippers Of Sleep Creep Through The City. Open, In The Name Of The Prince Of Rome! (Female Chorus, Mate Chorus, Tarquinius, Bianco, Lucia, Lucretia) CD 6: Britten. The Complete Operas. The Rape Of Lucretia 2. Act Two: Scene 1: 01. The Prosperity Of The Etruscans Was Due To The Richness Of Their Native Soil (Female Chorus, Male Chorus, Collatinus, Lucia, Bianca, Junius) 02. She Sleeps As A Rose Upon The Night (Female Chorus, Male Chorus) 03. Within This Frail Crucible Of Light (Tarquinius, Female Chorus) 04. Lucretia! - What Do You Want? - You! (Tarquinius, Lucretia, Female Chorus, Male Chorus) Interlude: 05. Here In This Scene You See Virtue Assailed By Sin (Male And Female Chorus) Scene 2: 06. Oh! What A Lovely Day! (Lucia, Bianca) 07. We'll Leave The Orchids For Lucretia To Arrange. Lucia, Go Send A Messenger To My Lord Collatinus (Bianca, Lucia, Lucretia) 08. Flowers Bring To Every Year The Same Perfection (Lucretia, Bianca) 09. You Were Right. Tarquinius Took One Of The Horses. Where Is Lucretia? (Lucia, Bianca, Collatinus, Junius) 10. Lucretia! Lucretia! (Collatinus, Lucretia) 11. Last Night Tarquinius Ravished Me (Lucretia, Collatinus) 12. This Dead Hand Lets Fall All That My Heart Held When Full (Collatinus, Junius, Bianco, Lucia, Female Chorus, Male Chorus, All) Epilogue: 13. Is It All? (Female Chorus, Male Chorus) CD 7: Britten. The Complete Operas. Albert Herring 1. Lady Billows - Sylvia Fisher (An Elderly Autocrat) Florence Pike - Johanna Peters (Her Housekeeper) Mr Gedge - John Noble (Vicar Of St Mary's Church) Mr Budd - Owen Brannigan (Police Superintendent) Mr Upfold - Edgar Evans (Mayor Of Loxford, Owner Of The Local Butcher's Shop) Miss Wordsworth - April Cantelo (Head Teacher At The Church School) Sid - Joseph Ward (The Butcher's Boy) Nancy - Catherine Wilson (The Baker's Daughter) Mrs Herring - Sheila Rex (Owner Of The Greengrocer's Shop) Albert Herring - Peter Pears (Her Son) Emmie - Sheila Amit Cis - Anne Pashley Harry - Stephen Terry. English Chamber Orchestra Benjamin Britten. Act One: Scene 1: 01. Flo-Rence!. Tell The Midwife (Lady Billows, Florence) 02. Doctor Jessop's Midwife. Mustn't Touch Illegitimates (Florence, Lady Billows) 03. I Hope We're Not Too Early, Florence? (Miss Wordsworth, Florence, Vicar, Mayor, Superintendent Budd) 04. Stuffy! Tobacco Stink! (Lady Billows, Vicar, Miss Wordsworth, Mayor, Superintendent Budd) 05. Now Then! Notebook, Florence! (Lady Billows) 06. The First Suggestion On My List Is A Charming Local Girl (Vicar, Florence, Lady Billows, Miss Wordsworth, Mayor, Superintendent Budd) 07. Is This All You Can Bring? Each Single Name Reeking Impurities (Lady Billows, Florence) 08. Beggin' Your Pardon (Superintendent Budd, Florence, Lady Billows, Vicar, Mayor, Miss Wordsworth) 09. Herring! Right! We'll Have Him! May King! (Lady Billows, Florence, Vicar, Miss Wordsworth, Mayor, Superintendent Budd) 10. Interlude Scene 2: 11. Bounce Me High, Bounce Me Low, Bounce Me Up To Jericho! (Emmie, Cis, Harry) 12. Shop! Hi! Albert! (Sid, Albert) 13. Tickling A Trout, Poaching A Hare, Fighting Wild Geese Is Pretty Good Sport (Sid, Albert, Nancy) 14. Meet Me At A Quarter Past Eight (Sid, Nancy, Albert) 15. He's Much Too Busy Even To Listen Much Less To Care With Nancy There (Albert, Emmie) 16. Good Morning, Young Man (Florence, Albert, Mrs Herring) 17. We Bring Great News To You (Lady Billows, Miss Wordsworth, Florence, Mayor, Vicar, Superintendent Budd, Mrs Herring, Albert, Emmie, Cis, Harry) Act Two: Scene 1: 18. Isn't He Here? (Florence, Nancy, Sid) 19. For Three Precious Weeks We've Been Toiling, Scraping (Florence, Nancy, Sid) 20. Quickly, Quickly, Come Along! (Miss Wordsworth, Emmie, Cis, Harry, Nancy, Sid) 21. Here They Are, Dears! (Miss Wordsworth, Superintendent Budd, Mrs Herring, Mayor, Florence, Vicar, Lady Billows, Emmie, Cis, Harry, Sid, Nancy) 22. My Flowers Are Few (Harry, Lady Billows, Miss Wordsworth, Emmie, Cis, Mrs Herring, Albert, Superintendent Budd, Sid, Nancy, Mayor, Florence, Vicar) CD 8: Britten. The Complete Operas. Albert Herring 201. I'm Full Of Happiness To Be Here In Your Midst On Such A Day As This (Lady Billows, Vicar, The Rest) 02. As Representing The Local Council (Mayor, Vicar, The Rest) 03. My Heart Leaps Up With Joy To See Virtue And Simplicity (Miss Wordsworth, Vicar) 04. Er-Humph! Er-Humph! I'm No Great Shakes As A Speechifier (Superintendent Budd, Vicar, Mrs Herring, Florence, Miss Wordsworth, Mayor, Nancy, Sid, Lady Billows, Albert, Emmie, Cis, Harry) 05. Well Tried, Albert! (Vicar, Florence, Albert, Mrs Herring, Harry, Emmie, Cis, Lady Billows, Miss Wordsworth, Superintendent Budd, Mayor, Nancy, Sid) 06. Interlude Scene 2: 07. Albert The Good! Long May He Reign (Albert) 08. You Oughtn't To Whistle! I Told You That, Sid! (Nancy, Sid) 09. "Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves!" (Albert, Nancy, Sid, Mrs Herring) Act Three: 10. Introduction 11. Is She Asleep? (Emmie, Nancy, Cis, Mayor, Harry, Sid, Superintendent Budd) 12. I'm Hungry, I'm Tired, I'm Sick Of The Sound Of Albert! (Sid, Nancy, Superintendent Budd) 13. Give Me A Decent Murder With A Corpse! (Superintendent Budd, Harry) 14. Have You Found Him? (Mrs Herring, Superintendent Budd, Nancy, Mayor, Miss Wordsworth, Vicar) 15. Fools! Fools! Blundering Fools! (Lady Billows, Nancy, Vicar, Miss Wordsworth, Florence, Emmie, Cis, Harry, Mrs Herring, Mayor, Superintendent Budd) 16. In The Midst Of Life Is Death (All) 17. Albert.! (All, Albert) 18. I'm Sorry About That (Albert, All) 19. I Can't Remember Everything (Albert, All) 20. Albert's Come Back To Stay (Nancy, Sid, Emmie, Cis, Harry) CD 9: Britten. The Complete Operas. Billy Budd 1. Billy Budd - Peter Gtossop (Able Seaman) Edward Fairfax Vere - Peter Pears (Captain Of Hms Indomitable) John Claggart - Michael Langdon (Master-At-Arms) Mr Redburn - John Shirley-Quirk (First Lieutenant) Mr Flint - Bryan Drake (Sailing Master) Mr Ratcliffe - David Kelly (Second Lieutenant) Red Whiskers - Gregory Dempsey (An Impressed Man) Donald - David Bowman (A Sailor) Dansker - Owen Brannigan (An Old Seaman) A Novice - Robert Tear Squeak - Robert Bowman (Ships Corporal) Bosun - Delme Bryn-Jones First Mate - Eric Garrett Second Mate - Norman Lumsden Maintop - Nigel Rogers The Novice's Friend - Benjamin Luxon. Arthur Jones - Geoffrey Coleby (An Impressed Man) Cabin Boy - James Newby Gunner's Mate - David Read A Sailor - Henry Bush Four Midshipmen Boys From Wandsworth School Choir Master: Russell Burgess Seamen. Ambrosian Opera Chorus Chorus Master: John Mccarthy London Symphony Orchestra Benjamin Britten. Prologue: 01. I Am An Old Man Who Has Experienced Much (Vere) Act One: Scene 1: 02. Pull, My Bantams! Pull, My Sparrow-Legs!. Who Did That? (First Mate, Second Mate, Bosun, Sailing Master, Midshipmen, Donald, Maintop, Novice, Squeak, Seamen) 03. Guard Boat! Indomitable! (Voice (Off). Maintop, Midshipmen, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant, Bosun, Ratcliffe, Claggart) 04. First Man Forward! (Claggart, Red Whiskers, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master, Jones) 05. Your Name? - Billy Budd, Sir (Claggart, Billy, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master) 06. Billy Budd, King Of The Birds! (Billy, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant, Ratcliffe, Seamen's Voices) 07. I Heard, Your Honour! (Claggart, Squeak) 08. Come Along Kid! Come Along! (Novice's Friend, Novice, Seamen) 09. Christ! The Poor Chap, The Poor Little Runt! (Billy, Dansker, Red Whiskers, Donald) 10. What's That? What's Those Whistles? (Billy, Donald, Claggart, First Mate,Second Mate, Dansker) 11. Starry Vere We Call Him (Donald, Billy, Red Whiskers, Dansker, Bosun, Seamen) Scene 2: 12. Boy! - Yes, Sir! (Vere, Boy) 13. Gentlemen. The King! (Vere, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master) 14. Ay, At Spithead The Men May Have Had Their Grievances (Vere) 15. We Are, Sir. Claggart Is An Able One. Land On The Port Side, Sir (First Lieutenant, Vere, Sailing Master, Ratcliffe, Sailor, Seamen) Scene 3: 16. Blow Her Away. Blow Her To Hilo (Seamen) 17. We're Off To Samoa (Donald, Red Whiskers, Billy, Dansker, Seamen) 18. Hi! You. A. A. (Billy, Dansker, Red Whiskers, Donald, Squeak, Claggart, Boy, Seamen) 19. Over The Water, Over The Ocean (A Sailor, Claggart, Seamen) 20. Come Here. Remember Your Promise (Claggart, Novice) 21. Billy! . Billy Budd! (Novice, Billy) 22. Dansker, Old Friend, Glad To See You! (Billy, Dansker) CD 10: Britten. The Complete Operas. Billy Budd 2. Act Two: Scene 1: 01. I Don't Like The Look Of The Mist (Vere, First Lieutenant) 02. With Great Regret I Must Disturb Your Honour (Claggart, Vere) 03. Deck Ahoy! Enemy Sail On Starboard Bow! (Maintop, Bosun, Sailing Master, First Lieutenant, Ratdiffe, Vere, Seamen) 04. Who'll Volunteer To Board 'Em In The Smoke? (First Lieutenant, Donatd, Red Whiskers, Billy, Dansker, Vere, Sailing Master, Maintop, Ratdiffe, Seamen) 05. There You Are Again, Master-At-Arms (Vere, Claggart, Boy) 06. O This Cursed Mist! (Vere, First Lieutenant, Ratdiffe, Sailing Master) Scene 2: 07. Claggart, John Claggart, Beware! I'm Not So Easily Deceived (Vere, Billy) 08. Master-At-Arms And Foretopman, I Speak To You Both (Vere, Claggart, Billy) 09. God O' Mercy! (Vere, Boy) 10. Gentlemen, William Budd Here Has Killed The Master-At-Arms (Vere, First Lieutenant, Sailing Master, Ratdiffe) 11. William Budd, You Are Accused By Captain Vere Of Striking Your Superior Officer, John Claggart (First Lieutenant, Vere, Billy) 12. Poor Fellow, Who Could Save Him? (First Lieutenant, Ratdiffe, Sailing Master, Vere) 13. I Accept Their Verdict (Vere) Scene 3: 14. Look! Through The Port Comes The Moon-Shine Astray! (Billy) 15. Here! Baby! (Dansker, Billy) 16. And Farewell To Ye, Old Rights O' Man! (Billy) 17. Interlude Scene 4: 18. "According To The Articles Of War." (First Lieutenant, Billy, All) 19. Down All Hands! And See That They Go! (First Lieutenant, Sailing Master, Ratdiffe, Quarter-Deck) Epilogue: 20. We Committed His Body To The Deep (Verve) CD 11: Britten. The Complete Operas. Gloriana 1 Queen Elizabeth The First - Josephine Barstow. Robert Devereux - Philip Langridge (Earl Of Essex) Frances - Delia Jones (Countess Of Essex) Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy - Jonathan Summers. Penelope, Lady Rich - Yvonne Kenny (Sister To Essex) Sir Robert Cecil - Alan Opie (Secretary Of The Council) Sir Walter Raleigh - Richard Van Allan (Captain Of The Guard) Henry Cuffe - Bryn Terfel (A Satellite Of Essex) A Lady-In-Waiting - Janice WatsonA Blind Ballad Singer - Willard White. The Recorder Of Norwich - John Shirley-QuirkA Housewife - Jenevora Williams. The Spirit Of The Masque - John Mark Ainsley. The Master Of Ceremonies - Peter Hoare. The City Crier - James Miller-Coburn. Lord Mountjoy's Page - Christopher Cornatl. Earl Of Essex's Page - Dominic Gill. Chorus: Citizens, Maids Of Honour, Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Household, Courtiers, Masquers, Old Men, Men And Boys Of Essex's Following. Councillors. Dancers: Time, Concord, Country Girts, Rustics, Fishermen, Morris Dancer. Actors: Pages, Ballad Singer's Runner. Orchestra And Chorus Of Welsh National Opera. Chorus Master & Assistant Conductor - Gareth Jones. Orchestra Leader - John Stein. Gittern - Tom Finucane. Monmouth School Choir. Director - Jonathan Holmes. Sir Charles Mackerras. Act One: Scene 1: 01. 1. Prelude 02. 2. The Tournament (Chorus, Cuffe, Essex, Mountjoy, Mountjoy's Page) 03. 3. Recitative And Fight (Essex, Mountjoy) 04. 4. Entrance Of The Queen (Elizabeth, Chorus) 05. 5. Recitative (Elizabeth, Chorus) 06. 6. The Two Lords' Explanation (Essex, Mountjoy, Elizabeth, Raleigh, Chorus) 07. 7. Raleigh's Song (Raleigh, Essex, Mountjoy) 08. 8. Ensemble Of Reconciliation (Elizabeth, Essex, Mountjoy, Cuffe, Raleigh, Chorus) 09. 9. Recitative And Final March (Elizabeth, Essex, Mountjoy, Raleigh) Scene 2: 10. 1. Prelude And Dialogue (Elizabeth, Cecil) 11. 2. The Queen's Song (Elizabeth, Cecil) 12. 3. Cecil's Song Of Government (Cecil, Elizabeth) 13. 4. Recitative And Essex's Entry (Earl Of Essex's Page, Elizabeth, Essex, Cecil) 14. 5. First Lute Song (Elizabeth, Essex) 15. 6. Second Lute Song (Elizabeth, Essex) 16. 7. The First Duet For The Queen And Essex (Elizabeth, Essex) 17. 8. Soliloquy And Prayer (Elizabeth) Act Two: Scene 1: 18. 1. Prelude And Welcome (Recorder, Queen, Essex, Cecil, Citizens) 19. 2. The Masque (Masquers, Spirit Of The Masque, Queen, Essex, Raleigh, Mountjoy) 20. 3. Finale (Queen, Essex, Mountjoy, Cecil, Raleigh, Recorder, Spirit Of The Masque, Masquers, Citizens) Scene 2: 21. 1. Prelude And Song (Mountjoy, Lady Rich) 22. 2. Duet (Mountjoy, Lady Rich) 23. 3. Double Duet (Essex, Lady Essex, Mountjoy, Lady Rich) 24. 4. Quartet (Essex, Lady Essex, Mountjoy, Lady Rich) CD 12: Britten. The Complete Operas. Gloriana 2. Scene 3: 01. 1. Pavane 02. 2. Conversation (Dancers And Onlookers, Lady-In-Waiting, Lady Rich, Mountjoy, Lady Essex Master Of Ceremonies) 03. 3. Galliard 04. 4. Conversation And The Queen's Entrance (Dancers And Onlookers. Queen, Master Of Ceremonies) 05. 5. Lavolta 06. 6. Conversation (Dancers And Onlookers, Queen) 07. 7. Morris Dance 08. 8. Recitative (Lady Rich, Lady Essex) 09. 9. The Queen's Burlesque (Queen, Lady Essex) 10. 10. Quartet (Essex, Mountjoy, Lady Rich, Lady Essex, Master Of Ceremonies) 11. 11. March 12. 12. The Queen's Announcement (Raleigh, Elizabeth, Essex) 13. 13. Ensemble (Chorus, Cecil, Raleigh, Elizabeth, Lady Essex, Lady Rich, Mountjoy, Essex, Master Of Ceremonies) 14. 14. CorantoCD 13: Britten. The Complete Operas. The Turn Of The Screw 1 The Turn Of The Screw: An Opera In A Prologue And Two Acts, Op.54: The Prologue - Peter Pears. The Governess - Jennifer Vyvyan. Miles - David Hemmings Flora - Olive Dyer (Young Children In Her Charge) Mrs Grose - Joan Cross (The Housekeeper) Peter Quint - Peter Pears (A Former Manservant) Miss Jessel - Arda Mandikian (A Former Governess) English Opera Group Orchestra: Olive Zorian - Violin I Suzanne Rosza - Violin II Cecil Aronowitz - Viola Terence Weil - Cello Francis Baines - Double Bass John Francis - Flute / Piccolo / Bass Flute Joy Boughton - Oboe / Cor Anglais Stephen Waters - Clarinet / Bass Clarinet Vernon Elliott - Bassoon Charles Gregory - Horn Enid Simon - Harp James Blades - Percussion Martin Isepp - Piano / Celesta Benjamin Britten 01. Prologue Act One: 02. Theme. Scene 1: The Journey (Governess) 03. Variation IScene 2: The Welcome (Miles, Flora, Mrs Grose, Governess) 04. Variation IIScene 3: The Letter (Mrs Grose, Governess, Flora, Miles) 05. Variation IIIScene 4: The Tower (Governess) 06. Variation IVScene 5: The Window (Miles, Flora, Governess, Mrs Grose) 07. Variation VScene 6: The Lesson (Miles, Flora, Governess) 08. Variation VIScene 7: The Lake (Flora, Governess, Miles) 09. Variation VIIScene 8: At Night (Quint, Mites, Miss Jesset, Flora, Governess) CD 14: Britten. The Complete Operas. The Turn Of The Screw 2. Act Two: 01. Variation VIIIScene 1: Colloquy And Soliloquy (Miss Jessel, Quint, Governess) 02. Variation IXScene 2: The Bells (Miles, Flora, Mrs Grose, Governess) 03. Variation XScene 3: Miss Jessel (Governess, Miss Jessel) 04. Variation XIScene 4: The Bedroom (Miles, Governess, Quint) 05. Variation XIIScene 5: Quint (Quint) 06. Variation XIIIScene 6: The Piano (Governess, Mrs Grose, Flora) 07. Variation XIVScene 7: Flora (Mrs Grose, Governess, Miss Jessel, Flora) 08. Variation XVScene 8: Miles (Governess, Mrs Grose, Mites, Quint) CD 15: Britten. The Complete Operas. A Midsummer Night's Dream 1 A Midsummer Night's Dream: Opera In Three Acts, Op.64 The Fairies: Oberon - Alfred Deller (King Of The Fairies) Tytania - Elizabeth Horwood (Queen Of The Fairies) Puck - Stephen Terry Cobweb - Richard Dakin. Peaseblossom - John Pryer. Mustard Seed - Ian Wodehouse. Moth - Gordon ClarkA Fairy - Eric Alder. The Court: Theseus - John Shirley-Quirk (Duke Of Athens) Hippolyta - Helen Watts (Queen Of The Amazons, Betrothed To Theseus) The Lovers: Lysander - Peter Pears (In Love With Hermia) Demetrius - Thomas Hemsley (In Love With Hermia) Hermia - Josephine Veasey (In Love With Lysander) Helena - Heather Harper (In Love With Demetrius) The Rustics: Bottom - Owen Brannigan (A Weaver) Quince - Norman Lumsden (A Carpenter) Flute - Kenneth Macdonald (A Bellows-Mender) Snug - David Kelly (A Joiner) Snout - Ben Tear (A Tinker) Starveling - Keith Raggett (A Tailor) Choirs Of Downside And Emanuel Schools. Chorus masters: Derrick Herdman, Christian Strover. London Symphony Orchestra. Assistant conductor: Steuart Bedford. Benjamin Britten. Act One: 01. Introduction . Over Hill, Over Dale (Fairies, Cobweb, Peaseblossom, Mustardseed, Moth, Puck) 02. Oberon Is Passing . Ill Met By Moonlight (Fairies, Oberon, Tytania) 03. Well, Go Thy Way (Oberon, Puck) 04. How Now, My Love? Why Is Your Cheek So Pale?. I Swear To Thee, By Cupid's Strongest Bow (Lysander, Hermia) 05. (Be It On Lion, Bear Or Wolf .). I Love Thee Not (Oberon, Demetrius, Helena) 06. Welcome, Wanderer! . I Know A Bank (Oberon) 07. Is All Our Company Here? (Quince, Bottom, Flute, Starveling, Snout, Snug) 08. Fair Love, You Faint With Wand'ring In The Wood (Lysander, Hermia) 09. Through The Forest Have I Gone (Puck, Hermia) 10. Stay, Tho' Kill Me, Sweet Demetrius. Lysander, If You Live, Good Sire, Awake - And Run Through Fire I Will For Thy Sweet Sake. Lysander Help Me, What A Dream Was Here (Helena, Demetrius, Lysander, Hermia) 11. Come, Now A Roundel, And A Fairy Song (Tytania) 12. Ye Spotted Snakes (Cobweb, Peaseblossom, Mustardseed, Moth, Fairies) 13. What Thou Seest When Thou Dost Wake (Oberon) Act Two: 14. Introduction 15. Are We All Met? . What Hempen Homespuns Have We Swaggering Here (Bottom, Quince, Flute, Snug, Starveling, Snout, Puck) 16. I See Their Knavery. What Angel Wakes Me (Bottom, Tytania, Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, Mustardseed) 17. Be Kind And Courteous To This Gentleman (Tytania) 18. Hail, Mortal, Hail! (Cobweb, Peaseblossom, Mustardseed, Moth, Bottom, Tytania) 19. I Have A Reas'nable Good Ear In Music (Bottom, Tytania) 20. How Now, Mad Spirit. O Why Rebuke You Him That Loves You So? . What Hast Thou Done? (Oberon, Puck, Demetrius, Hermia) CD 16: Britten. The Complete Operas. A Midsummer Night's Dream 201. Flower Of This Purple Dye. Why Should You Think That I Should Woo In Scorn?. O Helena, Goddess, Nymph. Sweet, Do Not Scorn Her So (Oberon, Puck, Lysander, Helena, Demetrius, Hermia)02. Puppet? Why So? (Hermia, Helena, Lysander, Demetrius, Puck) 03. This Is Thy Negligence. Thou See'st These Lovers Seek A Place To Fight (Oberon, Puck) 04. Up And Down. Where Art Thou, Proud Demetrius? (Puck, Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, Hermia) 05. On The Ground, Sleep Sound (Fairies) Act Three: Scene 1: 06. Introduction. My Gentle Robin, See'st Thou This Sweet Sight?. My Oberon, What Visions I Have Seen!. Come, My Queen, Take Hands With Me (Oberon, Jytania, Puck) 07. Helena! - Hermia! Demetrius - Lysander! (Demetrius, Lysander, Helena, Hermia) 08. When My Cue Comes, Call Me (Bottom) 09. Have You Sent To Bottom's House? (Quince, Starveling, Flute, Snout, Snug, Bottom) Scene 2: 10. Orchestral March. Now Fair Hippolyta, Our Nuptial Hour (Theseus, Hippolyta, Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, Hermia) 11. If We Offend, It Is With Our Good Will (Rustics, Theseus, Hippolyta, Lysander, Demetrius, Helena, Hermia) 12. Gentles, Perchance You Wonder At This Show (Prologue (Quince), Helena, Demetrius) 13. In This Same Interlude, It Doth Befall (Wall (Snout), Hermia, Lysander, Theseus) 14. Grim-Look'd Night (Pyramus (Bottom), Theseus) 15. O Wall, Full Often Hast Thou Heard My Moans (Thisbe (Flute), Pyramus (Bottom), Wall (Snout), Hippolyta, Theseus) 16. You Ladies, You (Whose Gentle Hearts Do Fear.) (Lion (Snug), Hermia, Demetrius, Theseus) 17. This Lanthorn Doth The Horned Moon Present. This Is Old Ninny's Tomb (Moonshine (Starveling), Lysander, Theseus, Demetrius, Hippolyta, Hermia, Helena, Thisbe (Flute), Lion (Snug)) 18. Sweet Moon, I Thank Thee For Thy Sunny Beams (Pyramus (Bottom), Hippolyta, Demetrius, Theseus) 19. Asleep, My Love? What, Dead, My Love? (Thisbe (Flute), Theseus, Lysander, Bottom) 20. Come, Your Bergomask (Theseus, Hippolyta, Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia, Helena) 21. Now The Hungry Lion Roars. Through The House Give Glimmering Light. Now, Until The Break Of Day, Through This House Each Fairy Stray. If We Shadows Have Offended (Cobweb, Peaseblossom, Mustardseed, Moth, Puck, Oberon, Tytania) Act Three: Scene 1: 15. 1. Prelude And Chatter (Maids Of Honour, Lady-In-Waiting) 16. 2. Essex's Intrusion (Maids Of Honour, Lady-In-Waiting, Essex) 17. 3. The Second Duet Of The Queen And Essex (Elizabeth, Essex, Lady-In-Waiting) 18. 4. The Dressing-Table Song (Lady-In-Waiting, Maids Of Honour) 19. 5. The Entrance Of Cecil (Elizabeth, Cecil) 20. 6. Cecil's Report (Cecil) 21. 7. Discussion (Elizabeth, Cecil) 22. 8. The Queen's Decision (Elizabeth) Scene 2: 23. Ballad - Rondo (Old Men, Ballad Singer, Cuffe, Housewife. City Crier, Boys, Cuffe's Followers) Scene 3: 24. 1. Prelude And Verdict (Raleigh, Cecil, Queen, Councillors) 25. 2. Cecil's Warning (Cecil, Queen) 26. 3. The Queen's Dilemma (Elizabeth, Raleigh) 27. 4. Trio (Lady Essex, Lady Rich, Mountjoy) 28. 5. Lady Essex's Pleading (Lady Essex, Elizabeth, Mountjoy) 29. 6. Penelope Rich's Pleading (Lady Rich, Elizabeth) 30. 7. Epilogue (Elizabeth, Voice Of Essex, Cecil, Chorus) CD 17: Britten. The Complete Operas. Owen Wingrave 1 Owen Wingrave: Opera In Two Acts, Op.85: Owen Wingrave - Benjamin Luxon (The Last Of The Wingraves) Spencer Coyle - John Shirley-Quirk (Who Runs A Military Cramming Establishment) Lechmere - Higel Doughs (A Young Student With Owen At Coyle's Establishment) Miss Wingrave - Sylvia Fisher (Owen's Aunt) Mrs Coyle - Heather Harper (Coyle's Wife)Mrs Julian - Jennifer Vyvyan (A Widow And Dependant At Paramore) Kate Julian - Janet Baker (Her Daughter) General Sir Philip Wingrave - Peter Pears (Owen's Grandfather) Narrator, The Ballad-Singer - Peter Pears Distant Chorus. The Wandsworth School Boys' Choir (Chorus Master: Russell Burgess) English Chamber Orchestra Benjamin Britten. Act One: 01. Prelude Scene 1: 02. You've Got Your Maps There? (Coyle, Lechmere, Owen) Scene 2: 03. At Last It's Out (Owen, Miss Wingrave, Coyle) Scene 3: 04. Your Sherry, Mrs Coyle (Lechmere, Mrs Coyle, Coyle, Owen) Scene 4: 05. Oh, How Unforeseen (Mrs Julian, Kate, Miss Wingrave, Owen) Scene 5: 06. Sirrah! How Dare You! (Sir Philip Wingrave, Mrs Julian, Miss Wingrave, Kate) Scene 6: 07. Coyle, I Wish I Had Not Come (Mrs Coyle, Coyle. Owen, Lechmere) Scene 7: 08. May God Bless The Queen, And This House (Sir Philip Wingrave, Mrs Coyle, Kate, Miss Wingrave, Lechmere, Coyle, Owen, Mrs Julian) CD 18: Britten. The Complete Operas. Owen Wingrave 2. Act Two: Prologue - Scene 1: 01. There Was A Boy, A Wingrave Born. Trumpet Blow, Trumpet Blow (Narrator, Chorus, Owen, Coyle) 02. I Envy You This Fine Old House (Lechmere, Mrs Julian, Mrs Coyle, Owen, Kate, Sir Philip, Coyle, Miss Wingrave) 03. "Paramore Shall Welcome Woe!" (Coyle, Sir Philip, Miss Wingrave, Kate,Lechmere, Mrs Coyle, Mrs Julian, Owen) 04. "And With His Friend Young Lechmere Played." (Owen, Miss Wingrave, Mrs Coyle, Coyle) 05. Now You May Save Your Scornful Looks (Owen) 06. Ah, Owen, What Shall I Do? (Kate, Owen, Lechmere) Scene 2: 07. Is That You, Coyle? (Mrs Coyle, Coyle) 08. Come In. - It's Me. Lechmere. Ah, Owen, Owen You've Gone! (Coyle, Lechmere, Mrs Coyle, Kate, Mrs Julian, Miss Wingrave, Sir Philip, Narrator, Chorus) CD 19: Britten. The Complete Operas. Death In Venice 1 Death In Venice: Opera In Two Acts, Op.88: Gustav Von Aschenbach - Peter Pears (A Novelist) The Traveller The Elderly Fop The Old Gondolier The Hotel Manager The Hotel Barber The Leader Of The Players Voice Of Dionysus - John Shirley-Quirk. Voice Of Apollo - James Bowman. Hotel Porter - Kenneth Bowen. Roles Sung By Members Of The English Opera Group. Ship's Steward - Stuart Hading. Lido Boatman - Michael BauerA French Mother - Anne Wilkens. Her Daughter - Iris SaundersA German Mother - Janice Hooper RoeA German Father - Robert Carpenter Turner. Two Americans - Neville Williams, Stephen James Adams. Jaschiu's Father - Peter TeemingA Danish Lady - Penelope Mackay. An English Lady - Sheila BrandA Russian Mother - Anna VincentA Russian Father - Michael FollisA Russian Nanny - Angela Vernon BatesA Strawberry-Seller - Iris SaundersA Guide In Venice - Robert Carpenter TurnerA Lace-Seller - Sheila BrandA Glass-Maker - Stephen James AdamsA Beggar Woman - Anne WilkensA Waiter - Stuart HurlingA Newspaper-Seller - Anna Vincent. Gondoliers - Ronald Murdock, Michael Bauer, Keith Jones. Two Strolling Players - Penelope Mackay, Neville Williams. English Clerk In A Travel Bureau - Peter Leeming. English Chamber Orchestra Steuart Bedford. Act One: Scene 1: Munich 01. My Mind Beats On And No Words Come (Aschenbach, Chorus) 02. Who's That? A Foreigner, A Traveller No Doubt. Marvels Unfold! (Aschenbach, The Traveller) Scene 2: On The Boat To Venice 03. Hey There, Hey There, You!. Ho! Here Comes Young Casanova . Greetings, Conte! (Youths, Girls. Elderly Fop, Aschenbach, Steward) 04. Serenissima, Serenissima - Low-Lying Clouds (Youths, Aschenbach, Elderly Fop) 05. Overture: Venice Scene 3: The Journey To The Lido 06. Ah Serenissima! (Aschenbach, Old Gondolier, Chorus Of Youths And Girts. Boatman, Hotel Porter) 07. Mysterious Gondola (Aschenbach) Scene 4: The First Evening At The Hotel 08. We Are Delighted To Greet The Signore To Our Excellent Hotel (Hotel Manager, Aschenbach) 09. Was I Wrong To Come (Aschenbach, Hotel Guests. Hotel Porter, Waiter) Scene 5: On The Beach 10. There Is Indeed In Every Artist's Nature (Aschenbach) The Wind Is From The West. Ah, Here Comes Eros (Aschenbach, Strawberry-Seller) 11. (Children's Games). Adziu! Adziu (Chorus, Aschenbach) Scene 6: The Foiled Departure 12. Aou'! Stagando, Aou'! (Gondolier, Guide, Aschenbach, Lace-Seller, Glass-Maker, Beggar Woman, Waiter, Another Gondolier) 13. Naturally, Signore, I Understand (Hotel Manager, Hotel Porter, Aschenbach, Two Gondoliers) 14. Here I Will Stay, Here Dedicate My Days To The Sun (Aschenbach) Scene 7: The Games Of Apollo. Beneath A Dazzling Sky The Sea Rolls Silken-White . He Who Loves Beauty Worships Me (Chorus (Hotel Guests). Voice Of Apollo) 15. First The Race! (Chorus (Hotel Guests)) 16. The Boy, Tadzio, Shall Inspire Me (Aschenbach) CD 20: Britten. The Complete Operas. Death In Venice 2 Act Two: 01. So It Has Come To This (Aschenbach) Scene 8: The Hotel Barber's Shop (I) 02. Guardate, Signore! (Hotel Barber, Aschenbach) Scene 9: The Pursuit 03. Do I Detect A Scent? A Sweetish Medicinal Cleanliness (Aschenbach, Two Gondoliers, Venetian Citizens And Shopkeepers, Glass-Maker, Waiter, Lace-Seller, Guide, Beggar Woman, Newspaper-Seller) 04. Careful Search Now Leads Me To Them. Ah, Tadzio, Eros, Ganymede. Gustav Von Aschenbach, What Path Have You Taken? (Aschenbach, Chorus Of St Mark's, Priest, Citizens. Two Gondoliers) Scene 10: The Strolling Players 05. This Way For The Players, Signori!.O Mio Carino/Carina. Why Are They Disinfecting Venice? (Hotel Porter, Waiter, Hotel Guests, Two Strolling Players. Leader Of The Players, Aschenbach) 06. Fiorir Rose In Mezzo Di Giasso. Ah, Little Tadziu, We Do Not Laugh Like The Others (Leader Of The Players, Hotel Guests, Aschenbach) Scene 11: The Travel Bureau 07. One Moment, If You Please. Young Man, Why Do All These Guests Hurry To Leave? (English Clerk, Hotel Guests, Aschenbach) 08. In These Last Years, Asiatic Cholera Has Spread (English Clerk, Aschenbach) Scene 12: The Lady Of The Pearls 09. So It Is True, True, More Fearful Than I Thought (Aschenbach) Scene 13: The Dream 10. Receive The Stranger God - No! Reject The Abyss (Voice Of Dionysus, Voice Of Apollo, J Followers Of Dionysus, Aschenbach) Scene 14:The Empty Beach 11. (The Empty Beach). Do What You Will With Me! (Aschenbach) Scene 15: The Hotel Barber's Shop (Ii) 12. Yes, A Very Wise Decision (Hotel Barber) Scene 16:The Last Visit To Venice 13. Hurrah For The Piazza (Aschenbach, Strawberry-Seller) 14. Chaos, Chaos And Sickness (Aschenbach)
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